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Strength in diversity


By Brian M Walters @  ̶  (Fri 11th Sept 2009)


‘Diversity but unity’ is the slogan of the Ballistic Tool Kit (BTK) organisation, bringing together the products and services of some 36 companies involved in the defence industry, although mostly small in size.



Realising that there can be strength in numbers, the companies have pooled their resources to show what those with a passionate enthusiasm for their activity can achieve. The few following examples give an indication of diversity within the group.


Some products such as the Vorsphere from Airolusion have been developed to meet an urgent need. Comprising a range of blast containment vessels, Vorspheres’ mitigate the blast and fragmentation from IED’s. They are portable, reusable and explosion-proof. By contrast, Davromatic produces projectiles that ensure extreme accuracy can be achieved. Specially developed machining processes enable it to produce high-precision components in various materials.


Armourshield is one of the UK’s oldest established body armour manufacturers, which by a rolling programme of modification and improvement ensures that it is more than capable of meeting demands placed upon it. All its vests feature its patented blunt trauma shield, which reduces the effect of a hit on the body. Fuchs Lubricants is a major supplier to the British armed forces, meeting a wide range of NATO standards and providing solutions for equipment operating in challenging conditions.


The design and manufacture of ballistics instrumentation and live-fire training are the principal activities of MS Instruments, which produces targets and detectors, as well as automatic training systems. The safe carriage of equipment is the task of Peli Products, which manufactures protector cases as well as remote area lighting systems.


Clearly this group of companies has much to offer the defence industry and equipment users. Our picture shows the complete list of companies in the BTK group. If you have special requirements, ask the folk on Stand 805. Chances are that they will be able to help.




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About Airolusion Ltd.

Airolusion Ltd has been in the blast and ballistic business since 2007. Headquarters in the City of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.


About the 'Vorsphere'.

The 'Vorsphere' is a blast containment device. The Vorsphere range are designed and manufactured to contain explosive blasts from a 100 gm up to 6 kg of military specification explosives.  Airolusion develops and markets state-of-the-art security solutions for blast and bombproof containment devices along with its innovative patented Modular Ballistic Shielding.


Airolusion Ltd.

The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool. L3 9QJ. United Kingdom.

Tel:  00 44 (0)560 259 4162    Email:


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