RELEASED: September 2009


upgrades its Global Website (Sept 2009)


Due to demand AIROLUSION LTD (UK) has upgraded its website for
multi-lingual Interaction following its expansion into global markets.



AIROLUSION is an innovative provider of Blast and Ballistic Protection Solutions, including the 'Vorsphere' range of Blast Containment Units.


The Company announced that it had found it necessary to upgrade its website to cater for the amount of enquiries the website was receiving. Airolusion have also incorporated a multi lingual translation facility on to the website because of the quantity of international dealings it was engaging in.


The website had recently received a new face lift but with the increased internet profile and significant rise in enquiries the website needed to provide a more interactive and informative prominence.


The content of the website was reappraised, redeveloped and redesigned to provide a more contemporary image. The Vorsphere images were digitally upgraded for HD presentation.


A website page was inserted showing the 'Vorsphere in Action'. The video demonstrates the Vorsphere's comfortable ability to contain the blast from an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). The film was shot at 32,000 frames per second to show the force of the detonation and its resultant discharge.


Along with the production of the video we employed the services of a sound studio to ensure the sound track to the video provided an enhanced dynamic digital production. Turning your speakers to max volume will ensure you feel the adrenalin generated when you hear a deafening Bang. The sound was professionally digitally slowed down to correlate with the speed of the video production.


In addition to the remodelling of the website there had been significant demand to make the website multi lingual.


Even though English appears to the international language for professionals operating in the blast containment industry, the demand for the Vorsphere device has come for many people and businesses not in that field.


Airolusion decided it would make the website presentation of the Vorsphere more internationally user friendly by bringing in translation services to the website. There are a number of website translation companies and services around the world that Airolusion could have chosen from, but Google Translate appeared to be the most readily available and most used and being the most recognised name it was considered the most suitable choice.


Chuck Abraham (USA) "....the website provided me with sufficient information, images and a test video which clearly demonstrated how the product worked prior to my purchase".......   


Bingöl Erdoğan (Turkey) "The site will enable me to sell more Vorsphere units in surrounding countries"


Kapur Malik  (Bangladesh) " it enable me to sell to military of my country to get more sells...."


About Airolusion Ltd.

Airolusion Ltd has been in the blast and ballistic business since 2007. Headquarters in the City of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.  


About the 'Vorsphere'.

The 'Vorsphere' is a blast containment device. The Vorsphere range are designed and manufactured to contain explosive blasts from a 100 gm up to 6 kg of military specification explosives.  Airolusion develops and markets state-of-the-art security solutions for blast and bombproof containment devices along with its innovative patented Modular Ballistic Shielding.


Airolusion Ltd.

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