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UK/HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) rating.



There is no need to secure the Vorsphere™ to the ground, this is a major advantage over the competition, the Vorsphere™ can be located anywhere and relocated at ones discretion.


NB. There is a specific requirement to attach existing containers to the ground otherwise their entire container becomes a flying object with the possibility of causing major harm.


H x Diameter



Vorsphere™ Vedette

520 x 500 mm


400-500 gms C4 or PE4

Vorsphere™ Vantage

720 x 700 mm


1.5 - 2kg C4 or PE4

Vorsphere™ Valour

1020 x 1000 mm


2 - 4kg C4 or PE4

Vorsphere™ Venturer

1020 x 1000 mm


3 -5kg C4 or PE4

Vorsphere™ Vanquish

1200 x 1180 mm


4 - 6kg C4 or PE4

Vorsphere™ Victory

1520 x 1500 mm


6 -8kg C4 or PE4

Fields of operation:

1    Removal and safe detonation of Land mines and Anti Tank mines by the military.

2    The safe removal of suspicious devices by the security services.

3    The protection of civilians and a reduction of peripheral building damage caused by        explosive devices.

4    The safe transportation of high capacity explosives by road, rail and sea.

5    Secure aesthetic Road bollards which also perform the role of litterbin's / planters.

6    Bombproof civilian litterbin’s.


Dimensions and material specifications: