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Using the Vorsphere™


The Vorsphere™ containment vessel enhances Public Safety from terrorist bombs, and other potentially explosive incidents. The Vorsphere™ may be deployed at airports, train stations, stadiums, and shopping malls to mitigate explosion aftermath from this type of terrorist attack.


History has confirmed that trash receptacles easily conceal explosive devices and during an explosion the trash receptacle intensifies the terrorist attack by creating secondary fragmentation and spraying this high velocity fragmentation to great distances.


Before considering any blast containment vessel, understanding the explosion components for trash can bombs are necessary before desired protection levels can be defined and achieved.


During every explosion, there is heat, energy, and pressure (PSI). Independently and collectively they can deliver a blow with irreparable damages. Primary and secondary fragmentation's are additional components to an explosion that would apply when a bomb is planted and detonated inside a trash can.


In order to obtain the desired edge this anti terrorism technology is meant to deliver, blast mitigation bomb receptacles must effectively combat all of these components.


The Vorsphere™ from Airolusion offer the first blast mitigation trash receptacles capable of containing fragmentation, while simultaneously reducing the heat, energy, and overpressure's from an explosion.


We look forward to hearing from you, understanding and fulfilling your requirements.







Fields of operation:

Removal and safe detonation of land mines and Anti Tank mines by the military.
The safe removal of suspicious devices by the security services.
The protection of civilians and a reduction of peripheral building damage caused by explosive devices.
The safe transportation of high capacity explosives by road, rail and sea.
Secure aesthetic road bollards which also perform the role of litterbin's / planters.
Bombproof civilian litterbin’s.